About #dareconf

A conference about learning to build trust through communication

We organised the first #dareconf in September 2013 under the banner, “people skills for digital workers.” Since then we’ve honed the theme to, “learn to build trust through communication,” and extended the appeal to anyone who works with people.

Since 2013 we’ve:

If you’d like to learn communication techniques that will help you to build trust, resolve conflict, and connect with people, #dareconf is for you.

About Jonathan Kahn, organiser

Originally a web developer, Jonathan organises #dareconf, agile content conf, and a meetup about content which has 2000 members. He leads workshops where people learn to build trust using communication techniques derived from facilitation, conflict resolution, and improvisational theatre. He blogs at lucid plot and is @lucidplot on twitter.

Jonathan Kahn